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  • Ionic Detox Program(30-min)

What is it?

Due to internal and external factors, so that our body produces a lot of toxins, there are many unhealthy symptoms, ion detoxification may be an effective treatment:

There are many conveniences in today’s modern world but without a doubt environmental pollution and everyday stress as a result of the fast pace of living takes its toll on the health of our minds and bodies. In addition, food preservatives and other chemical additives and toxins in our water compound the issue and negatively impact our well being and appearance. Our bodies may be able to cope for a while with expelling these unwanted elements through the regular excretory channels, but sometimes when we feel generally run-down or not quite 100% it may be that our physical systems need a boost to eliminate toxins more rapidly and more effectively.  ionic detoxification may be an effective treatment for you:

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Ionic Detox Program(30-min)

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